Expanding Solar in Michigan

Renewable Energy in Michigan (REM)

Renewable Energy in Michigan (REM) is a non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of individuals and businesses that support renewable energy (mainly solar and geothermal) and want to see new policies enacted that support the expansion of renewable energy in Michigan.  

REM is the sister organization to the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA), an organization that educates about the benefits of renewable energy; how it saves money for individuals and business on high utility bills, while promoting a clean environment and fighting climate change.

We do this by contacting State Representatives and State Senators in the Michigan Legislature to encourage them to support policies that expand reneweable energy in Michigan. Our goal is to apply pressure on them by asking people to send emails to support new legislative policies.

I am asking your help to support a set of bills called the Clean Energy Future Plan.  If this package of five bills is enacted, it would really accelerate the expansion of renewable energy in Michigan and would give the Michigan Public Service Commission more authority to promote renewable energy and to hold DTE and Consumers Energy accountable. 

So please contact your State Representative and State Senator to encourge them to support this legislative package of bills. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact John at [email protected]

I would also encourage you to become a Member of GLREA to support this important work. To become a Member go to GLREA’s website by clicking here https://www.2glrea.org/membership and then scroll down and click on the yellow ‘Become a GLREA Member’ button and follow the directions.

Thanks for your help and support. 

John Freeman